Opportunity, adaptability, community

As a volunteer presenter for M3 Job Club (www.m3jobclub.co.uk) I had the privilege of attending their Virtual Christmas Gathering and hearing three inspiring speakers whose words on 2020 and the outlook for 2021 gave great hope and encouragement, addressing themes including finding opportunity created by change, utilising techniques to turn negatives into positives and using one’s network and community to help understand one’s value and expertise and reach one’s objectives. 

In turn, Rt Hon. Maria Miller, Conservative MP for Basingstoke, Cllr Diane Taylor, The Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane, and fellow presenter, George Scott-Welsh, COO Incuhive Group shared their thoughts. Some themes, in particular, struck home. Working as I have for very many years, with people in transit from one role to another or changing sectors or building businesses, often facing cross-roads, I’ve realised that frequently the real issues to be addressed first are around feelings of vulnerability, loss of confidence and self-esteem. Hard for people to admit to themselves, much less their family or third parties, such as recruitment consultants or career coaches.  

Whilst I’m not a counsellor or therapist, as an NLP-certified coach I know that simply demonstrating empathy and encouragement brings about fundamental shifts, enabling a real change in perception about possibilities.  It enables people to  recognise their value and skills, helping them to realise that, despite the hard knocks and tremendous challenges they’ve encountered, endured or are currently experiencing, there is hope. And the opportunity for success.

George Scott-Welsh generously described his personal business journey and shared his adaptation of Kübler-Ross Five Stage Model.  Part of it is acknowledging that the feelings of shock, grief, anger, fear, failure and depression are normal. And will pass. That working through the curve is the way out of the trough. Recognising that help is needed. That taking that first step is the hardest. Reaching out, seeking support is a show of strength. That someone will help, without judging. Being disciplined, taking the next small step, just one at a time, dealing with just one day at a time, will bring a return to positive feelings, a sense of control and a sense of achievement.

The world is undoubtedly a very different one to other years, however roles are being created, people are being hired and businesses are growing. You have every chance of being that person, enjoying that success and fulfilment. As we approach the final moments of this extra-ordinary year I hope that you will choose a resolution for 2021 to take the first step, and then the next small step, to achieve your ambitions for 2021 and beyond.

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