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The role of brand management in the Recruitment Process

Companies are often unaware of the psychology and soft-skills expertise required within the recruitment cycle, believing that the provision of a job spec written by HR with input from a hiring manager circulated to a panel of agencies will deliver the right person

Investing 30 or so minutes briefing a highly experienced recruitment specialist will ensure that not only will you get presented with the right person, at the right time, at the right salary, your brand and culture will be fully understood, and your brand perception maximised in the process. A good recruitment partner will work collaboratively with both parties to make sure the process is handled professionally, positioning your company and brand positively yet accurately, highlighting the advantages offered above your competitors. The finer nuances of your company culture and the breadth of the opportunity will be utilised to ensure the aspirations of your proposed new hire match your company culture and strategic objectives. Often aspects which aren’t typically covered in the client:applicant interview process and are never covered in a dry, paper job description. Company reputation and brand management are just a couple of the many ‘soft’ benefits companies receive when working with specialist recruitment partners. Impossible to quantify in tangible terms, yet priceless in experience management and lasting brand perception. A good recruitment partner will not only save your time, deliver well-briefed well-matched prospective hires, reduce your time to hire, they’ll also increase your brand perception and value. And as for fees? A one-dimensional view sees cost, whilst the truth is it’s about the value, the obvious, the ‘soft’ and the long-term. Make sure you select a recruitment partner who really understands your brand values and can promote them effectively, at all stages of the recruitment process. Amanda Fisackerly is a passionate advocate of effective, ethical professional recruitment practices for both Client and Applicant. Learn more at where clients and applicants share their experiences.