Respect, self-respect, and authenticity

As an avid Rugby Union fan and Wales supporter I have been watching the current Six Nations with great interest. Apart from the wonderful qualities of teamwork, dedication, tenacity, resilience and skill shown by these teams, I am particularly taken by the values of respect, self-respect and authenticity demonstrated by Nigel Owens MBE, arguably the world’s leading referee.

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Respect, Dignity, and Humanity in recruitment

The Windrush Generation debacle has thrown up a number of thorny issues, however at its key are three fundamental values : “respect, dignity, and humanity”. Without being derogatory, recruitment consultants and car sales people share similarities – they come from all walks of life, no qualifications or training are required and they each tend to get a bad name. But it doesn’t need to be so.

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Five key interview questions

There are around 20-50 typical questions which are frequently asked in the interview process, this article covers the 5 key questions you should have thought through and be able to handle with ease and enthusiasm. In an interview, the interviewer is primarily interested in assessing two points about you: your competence and your compatibility.

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